True Independence!

15 August 1947

It’s been 68 years…

We are living in 69th year of Independence; still seeking an answer about “What is True Independence?” If you ask me I would say Independence is equals to Equality;Equality equals to Freedom;Freedom equals to Liberty; Liberty equals to ME. What I feel, what I express, what I explore, what I denote, what I signify is MY INDEPENDENCE. Being a girl, I’hv been asked so many times to act and react according to the society beliefs….WHY??? Why we can’t denote true spirit of INDEPENDENCE? If a girl wears a saree she is “Cultured” but if she wears Jeans+Top she is “Vulgar” , if a boy drink/smoke in public/party he is “Cool” but if a girl drink/smoke in party she is “Cheapo” , if a boy sits with 6 girls he is a “Stud” but if a girl sits with 6 boys she is a “Slut”……Cm’on..WE NEED TO GROW UP!!

I know these lines stated above are repetitive. these lines are becoming tiresome;point of striking these words again is to denote my dignity towards my Independence. Being a girl I have right to express the things the way I want. #WOMEN_EMPOWERMENT is not my issue to discuss about.. We are living in so-called Democratic Country, living in 69th year of Independence, we will achieve it (some day) My issue is “ACTUALLY WHAT IS TRUE INDEPENDENCE”? Is there any similarity between Girl Independence/ Boy Independence / Men Independence/ Women Independence?  What about being BISEXUAL/GAY/LESBIAN? Often said “We are the child of GOD” then we should be treated according to this.. Why there is huge difference? Why there is harsh inequality? Why there is NO INDEPENDENCE? Why there is NO EQUALITY, NO REAL ME…..

For some Independence is going clubbing, partying,shopping,movies,working,having their own blog =D. But for some Independence is slaving, serving people at tea stalls, working as maid so that they can be Independent for themselves, they can feed themselves, can take care of themselves. We can say for them Independence is just a WORD.

Leveling up all my words I’m again ending up with – WHAT IS TRUE INDEPENDENCE? This question needs an answer. #WORK_IN_PROGRESS.

P.S- . My father says If we do any work with setting our mind and heart free that is True Independence.

        While surfing Facebook  i found a share denoting when little kids will stop selling Flags on the roads that will be the day of our True Independence



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