Will ; to say Yes!

Say Yes and recite that poetry again !!

Many of my articles are in combination with me and surroundings.. moreover less me and more surroundings.

In my deep thoughts I share my old experiences with me. It’s time to share this to Dear Voice:)

Yesterday I was at my best friend’s home. Over there I met my junior’s father who addressed me as MPS orienter (in reference to my old school) I felt so good at that moment. (WOW) Back to present day I am not the orienter of my college?! I am not the speaker?! I am not that star student?! Present social scene – a quote : We don’t lack strength; we lack will. And after 5 years I got my answer to my flaws : WILL. Yes exactly.. back to past scene I was having will. Will of being oriented. Will of being passionate. Will of consistency. Will of successfully succeeding without thinking of outcomes. I am same human as of then . Nothing has changed. From crying to be pessimistic. From anger issues to rudeness. What has changed is WILL. I found my answer. I found my deep answer. Tasks are tough from then . But still I gained my will. My father always say – ” keep your emotional strength aside ” Time to tie laces for this mark!

At this point I genuinely don’t care about people. I genuinely don’t care about being isolated. I genuinely don’t care about humiliations. And at last neither about success nor failures. I consider myself as tortoise. Slow very slow. And again as I am a quote lover I’ll add -“Speed doesn’t matter; forward is forward.”One of my friend even commented on this .. I was demotivated. And the reason was I was lacking will. Again repeatedly I was facing failures… was doing nothing and failing… even my college mates started asking me “Are you depressed ” My favourite line to add: quote- There is huge difference in being sad and depressed ! Everyone was like Raguvendra and Jehangir Khan in my life ( Dear zindagi : the one who give wounds and the other who heels it ) And at last I realise I am not Kaira ( the protagonist) neither Kaira nor any other heroine.. I Am Anushree Kalla. Simple. After then with all my will I created work scene again and now “work in progress ” !!

My thoughts are publicly dancing with WordPress . It was my will to stand for my own thoughts. And thank you dear voice for listening!!

#ToMe!! 🙂 If you can relate .. just relate don’t assume . Because we all are unique in our own ways and may be your voice wants to say something to you . Hear it. Feel it . Share it 🙂 And Say yes to your own self;)