Letter to the new soul !

Hey you !

It was a tough mid rough year for you. Though you wanted to start it much way before ; your own thoughts were ceasing you from doing so. In your own head –

You were fealing lost disastrously

You were falling sick poorly

You were failing hard miserably

However- ” The lost are never truly lost or atleast rarely”

The one who used to cry over unbaked macronies. The one who used to throw mom’s cutlery. The one who used to bash at anyone because of frustration. The one who used to search happiness in others… is now a complete human bluntly.

You ; Your own human diary. You ; your own strength. You ; Your own power. You ; your own Me ! You beautiful head can lit you up. You pure soul can hit you up. The one who cares for every relation. The one who shares every suggestion. The one who is not hard to love. The one who stays. This you is extremely strong. This you is extremely generous. May not be topper but a learner who never gave up.

Kudos the new soul who search and find happiness in herself/ himself.