Open Letter to the real heart out there !

Happiness is a choice . A choice by which each individual choose to be happy in his/her own space. In juvenile phase , a single chocolate was a healer. In mid-teenage phase , gadgets perform their role in a heroic way. In old phase , peaceful tea with a soulmate holding your hands created their happy space. But this selection in an adult phase is as difficult as GST !! And if you are real it creates a lot sufferings as well.

All the people consider themselves as REAL. But in deep disguise , in deep subconciousness the reality is different. There are actually few people who are REAL. Real in words. Real in what they say. Real in power. Real in hope. Real in anger. Real in sadness though. And additionally ‘Fakeness’ and ‘Duplicative nature put their heart in dilemma. As i proceed i would like to narrate few pretentious cases. Firstly, a social media incident which took 7-8 days back. I was suffering Instagram where i found a new icon ‘PollSection” in Gursimran Khamba’s IGStory- It was asked : “Are these people on Instagram pretend to be the one they are not ? Choice was ‘YES’ or ‘HELL YES’? It didn’t dazzled me because I completely related to that story. In context to be real that was Icing on the cake ! Secondly, people being hideous in what they actually are ! Commenting on each other’s IG pictures , tagging them in memes but in reality bitching each other in every aspect; from being professional to personal. Thirdly, saying that they care , they love and on the other hand backstabbing with their silence when you actually want them. These incidents are a proof in real. It irritates people who are genuinely real in their thoughts. Who actually cares.

An open letter to the real souls , real hearts – “Don’t exaggerate their ruthlessness, their selfishness, their duplicative nature in your pockets”. They deserve nothing but silence. There is no end to such things but there can be demarcation if you want. Make distance with them. Allow and align your thoughts towards choice of happiness you want. Reel as well as real ; Stay who you are!! And tables will soon change. You are far real than you think so stick to that and don’t allow any negativity or duplicacy. Fill that void with the perk of being real.   -Thank you 🙂