Wandering :)

Oh! I stand there. I see sky aiming high. I feel the world snoring and all my heart wanders about you. In this picture case I recall you. In this shattered phase I want you. My soul wants your love, my heart cries little loud. It shouts. It wishes you to listen the screams. It prays you to feel the dreams. Situations and tables forces you to turn back and they forces me to stay back. People love and they love forever. Their love is like sun. It shines. Bright. Straight. My love for you is like moon. It shines when there is darkness. It shines when there is calmness. It shines when it’s the right time to shine. Neither to show nor to prove. It JUST SHINES. My love for moon will never end and so my love for you. Standing still. Staring above. Searching answers. Wandering you. Recalling you. Loving you. -Anushree Kalla 


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