Life is a blessing in blunt :)

There comes a time in your life where you feel hopeless, useless, disappointed, feels like a victim , feels like puppet , feels like crying and whatever bad synonyms comes to your mind you feel that way. To be very honest , I feel in this way too !! We all do I guess!! As well quoted ” when a bad phase comes in your life it brings your all problems together”!

Whosoever reading this , my father once explained me about how to deal with anxieties , tensions and problems and he stated ” Sabse bada ant kya – Maut” (What can happen last to last – Death) Who would have thought that after his wise sayings it will come true and I will not have my grandfather by my side. It’s just a saying!!

While surfing Internet , I come across a lot stories, feeds, posts that they are going through this problem and that problem. I have many verses :

A.) My parents don’t understand me , they never do so .. I will leave the house.

B.) My boyfriend/girlfriend don’t love me , I will cut my hand.

C. I don’t want to talk to anyone MOOD

D.) Exams are coming , family issues, I feel like crying! USER DIED!!

E.) This is a live one ; yesterday my sister showed me from one of her friend’s IGStory saying – Kya pata kal hum khamosh ho jaye!!

Are you serious, is your life a joke??!!!! 

Let me be very clear that there are two things to be worried about – 2D’s – DISEASE and DEATH. nothing else !!(not even need to worry ; they are real problems, real worries) Trust me there is no big problem in your life. You have your family by your side, your loved ones by your side. Food. Roof. Clothes.This is enough! Many inspirational , motivational pages mention these types of quotes daily but to-day I have realised it’s true meaning. With the help of my writing , my blog I want to gratify each and individual about a simple agenda – Life is a blessing !!

my inner voice is struggling really hard. It has lost her grandfather. It has lost her love – one sided love by conveying her love to the one she love! It is bed ridden. Neither it want anybody’s sympathy nor anyone’s fake support. There are many people out there who will give you their fake sympathy , affection , care just by saying it ; to act great in front of the rest of the people. Real people will actually stood by you!

Say NO to fakeness! Stop acting childish! Say yes to Life , It is a blessing. Feel blessed every time.

-Anushree Kalla