Part 2:
Amber was happy. She entered the gates with hopes. She inhaled power and strength to do what was meant to be done. Amber was alone but not lonely.
Her start up was good and she thought that she can persue this. Every day was a new challenge and when days passed she actually faced the reality, things hit tighter , they got rougher , tougher and it faded the glow she carried 3weeks back. Within three weeks 😑 It was impossible for her to know what actually happened.
Her family and two friends she had supported her in every way possible and guided her by saying : ‘don’t get manipulated by others, if someone do good to you than it’s fine and if not than also fine.’ They knew how she was , overly emotional and a sensitive 2year child packed in 20year old female body. Her sister warned her about the people hiding behind , everyone behind the masks, to which she added , ‘ they are not you , you are here to survive, don’t get trapped ‘
She heard everything and tried to grab whatever she could . Though because of her fragile heart she got trapped. A cold , hard hearted showing girl was an amiable to some human beings and she showed her real side to them. It was fun. They helped her professionally, she helped them too and with addition personally too! She was even called Jagat mata (Mom of Universe) by her fellow friends. Everything was okay still something was missing.
Her mind was their with her fellow mates , she even started to take care of them and moreover she added her interest to her work but her heart was lost.
भीड़ हिम्मत तो देती है , पर पहचान छीन लेती है ।
(Crowd may give you support but it snatches your identity)
And with that note , her identity was lost.
To witness more , wait for the next part


A breezy , sunny morning and it was her last paper , last 12th board paper , she was happy that she will be free from all the burdens , what else can give a teen more happiness that she will sleep all day-night , have snacks, will do fun in her own language sorted but eventually she was more sad that it will end, the school , the only love she has will be no more in contact. For her , it ended in a blink. An unhappy note was the beginning towards her new life.
Amber was an innocent human , soft spoken , above average in studies , chubby girl. Though she never thought about her physical appearance but she always wanted to excel in her academics. Soon after she passed her school , she dropped out for her further medical studies , she wanted to clear her medical entrance for that. She was a proud daughter to her family and she has not faced any failure in her life. But when she appeared for her first entrance test , she failed , she was shattered and moreover her family was shattered.
After that , things even got worse. She was facing many problems professionally and personally!!
But as said, Time heals everything!
She got her first victory by her father as he was the one who got her admission done in one of the dental college.
Beginning of new life , creation of giving new smiles and with that she lost hers !
And to witness more , wait for the next part !

Do I belong here ?

Do I belong here ?

Yes or No?

Is it a phase called life ?

Or a Puppet show?

Do I belong here ?

Why I can’t subtle the things?

Why I can’t fly with the wings?

Am I struck here with the lock of sorrow?

Do I need a key of happiness to borrow?

Do I belong here?

Do I shift people or pull people aside I love ?

Do I want them by my side to know they love me ?

Do I belong here?

Do I hate them for not loving or helping me ?

Or do I like them for not doing it so I did it by myself!

Do I belong here?

Do I hate when I do good to be good and being hated?

Or do I hate it more when people do good to look good and being applauded?

Do I belong here ?

Do I care about not being everyone’s cup of tea?

Do I care about the love not reciprocated back?

Do I care ?

Do I belong here ?

Yes or No?

Is it a phase called life ?

Or is it a puppet show ?


Good old days !

It’s been a while , we haven’t greeted each other. Hi there! Why can’t you come back? WHY??

When you were ‘A good new day’ , the only thing that truly mattered was ‘EVERYTHING’ and ‘NOTHING’. Means nothing was calculative and everything was cherished , nothing a feel like hatred and everything was lovable !

School’s regularity was for studies and fun together not merely for attendance. School lunch break was more of like Stanley Ka Dibba not like obnoxious college canteen stuffs. School romance was more of like A Yash Chopra Romance not like Punchnaama series or a Wasseypur threat! At that time everyone believed in chivalry. In healthy competition not to put each other’s down. At that time there was ‘Tere kesa yaad kahan, kaha esa yaarana’ not ‘dost dost na raha’.

I know it’s impossible for you to come back … Still , Please come back

– Yours New Day wanting it to be good 🙂

Life is a blessing in blunt :)

There comes a time in your life where you feel hopeless, useless, disappointed, feels like a victim , feels like puppet , feels like crying and whatever bad synonyms comes to your mind you feel that way. To be very honest , I feel in this way too !! We all do I guess!! As well quoted ” when a bad phase comes in your life it brings your all problems together”!

Whosoever reading this , my father once explained me about how to deal with anxieties , tensions and problems and he stated ” Sabse bada ant kya – Maut” (What can happen last to last – Death) Who would have thought that after his wise sayings it will come true and I will not have my grandfather by my side. It’s just a saying!!

While surfing Internet , I come across a lot stories, feeds, posts that they are going through this problem and that problem. I have many verses :

A.) My parents don’t understand me , they never do so .. I will leave the house.

B.) My boyfriend/girlfriend don’t love me , I will cut my hand.

C. I don’t want to talk to anyone MOOD

D.) Exams are coming , family issues, I feel like crying! USER DIED!!

E.) This is a live one ; yesterday my sister showed me from one of her friend’s IGStory saying – Kya pata kal hum khamosh ho jaye!!

Are you serious, is your life a joke??!!!! 

Let me be very clear that there are two things to be worried about – 2D’s – DISEASE and DEATH. nothing else !!(not even need to worry ; they are real problems, real worries) Trust me there is no big problem in your life. You have your family by your side, your loved ones by your side. Food. Roof. Clothes.This is enough! Many inspirational , motivational pages mention these types of quotes daily but to-day I have realised it’s true meaning. With the help of my writing , my blog I want to gratify each and individual about a simple agenda – Life is a blessing !!

my inner voice is struggling really hard. It has lost her grandfather. It has lost her love – one sided love by conveying her love to the one she love! It is bed ridden. Neither it want anybody’s sympathy nor anyone’s fake support. There are many people out there who will give you their fake sympathy , affection , care just by saying it ; to act great in front of the rest of the people. Real people will actually stood by you!

Say NO to fakeness! Stop acting childish! Say yes to Life , It is a blessing. Feel blessed every time.

-Anushree Kalla

Wandering :)

Oh! I stand there. I see sky aiming high. I feel the world snoring and all my heart wanders about you. In this picture case I recall you. In this shattered phase I want you. My soul wants your love, my heart cries little loud. It shouts. It wishes you to listen the screams. It prays you to feel the dreams. Situations and tables forces you to turn back and they forces me to stay back. People love and they love forever. Their love is like sun. It shines. Bright. Straight. My love for you is like moon. It shines when there is darkness. It shines when there is calmness. It shines when it’s the right time to shine. Neither to show nor to prove. It JUST SHINES. My love for moon will never end and so my love for you. Standing still. Staring above. Searching answers. Wandering you. Recalling you. Loving you. -Anushree Kalla 

Open Letter to the real heart out there !

Happiness is a choice . A choice by which each individual choose to be happy in his/her own space. In juvenile phase , a single chocolate was a healer. In mid-teenage phase , gadgets perform their role in a heroic way. In old phase , peaceful tea with a soulmate holding your hands created their happy space. But this selection in an adult phase is as difficult as GST !! And if you are real it creates a lot sufferings as well.

All the people consider themselves as REAL. But in deep disguise , in deep subconciousness the reality is different. There are actually few people who are REAL. Real in words. Real in what they say. Real in power. Real in hope. Real in anger. Real in sadness though. And additionally ‘Fakeness’ and ‘Duplicative nature put their heart in dilemma. As i proceed i would like to narrate few pretentious cases. Firstly, a social media incident which took 7-8 days back. I was suffering Instagram where i found a new icon ‘PollSection” in Gursimran Khamba’s IGStory- It was asked : “Are these people on Instagram pretend to be the one they are not ? Choice was ‘YES’ or ‘HELL YES’? It didn’t dazzled me because I completely related to that story. In context to be real that was Icing on the cake ! Secondly, people being hideous in what they actually are ! Commenting on each other’s IG pictures , tagging them in memes but in reality bitching each other in every aspect; from being professional to personal. Thirdly, saying that they care , they love and on the other hand backstabbing with their silence when you actually want them. These incidents are a proof in real. It irritates people who are genuinely real in their thoughts. Who actually cares.

An open letter to the real souls , real hearts – “Don’t exaggerate their ruthlessness, their selfishness, their duplicative nature in your pockets”. They deserve nothing but silence. There is no end to such things but there can be demarcation if you want. Make distance with them. Allow and align your thoughts towards choice of happiness you want. Reel as well as real ; Stay who you are!! And tables will soon change. You are far real than you think so stick to that and don’t allow any negativity or duplicacy. Fill that void with the perk of being real.   -Thank you 🙂

Found myself :)

As  i grow older ; i become wiser. wiser in thoughts,charity, gratitude , emotions , ignorance and love. my thoughts straight up and align horizontally with no curves. from the last 5 years i was searching this : the wiser me ! and from the last 5 weeks i discovered that. i used to search love and happiness in others and materialistic things. i would like to share a story , i was 6 years old and my uncle gifted me a watch (In suhas language : the one from 3 idiots – A titan watch worth 3 thousand in the year 2000) And i loved that. unfortunately after 4 years it went missing. and i cried like a crybaby as hell. the main motto was to dictate how materialistic i was ?! to very ups and downs i found that being wiser and not materialistic makes me more happy. and my happiness is very important. i often share my views with my sister, i utter my entire nuisance thoughts and end the conversation with a simple statement – ‘no body loves me’ she is tired of explaining me everyone does.. its not like that. but the stubborn me wins the conversation everytime. my endless thoughts were on peak and my sister found a new way which helped me in being more wiser. she said ” okay. if nobody loves you, its completely okay. if nobody showers the love you want its okay. you are itself much more capable of loving yourself that you don’t need anybody for that love. you are itself so strong to have stuffs by your own that you don’t need anybody for that. you are itself very much in your own world that you don’t need anybody for saying my entire world is you”. she added we agree that you are a crybaby and a pampered brat and what you want is true zone of happiness with bunch of beautiful people giving and sharing love and love but don’t forget you don’t need to search them you already have some people who will be by your side no matter what and pamper you not because you like it but because they love you and with that you have your own love ; which is rare haa” ?! and these words made me realise how beautiful life is! may be i am not where i wanted to be but definitely i am happy than i was used to be !  happy in my own space.

people find me a little arrogant, rude and obviously bipolar because this is i am ! when i joined my college i was that human i wished for ; sweet, helpful, poised, calm, listener, appologetic. but i found peace in what i am . i am completely opposite of the one i mentioned above. i am neither sweet nor poised. i am not at all helpful. calm is not even in my dictionary. and i accepted myself the way i am. i distanced myself from the people who are not good for me , may be they are good for others or themselves but definitely not for me.

i choose to be wiser for myself by myself.

p.s – to all those who find its hard to love them and nobody understands their feeling and all stuff ; you are itself capable of loving your self and choosing yourself. although a strong headed person need someone but wait: timing matters.

Let music be your best bud :)

One fine morning you woke up and realize 2018 is just 6 months away!! You skip your mind. You push your energy for the future zone. You console your soul about the upbringing future stuffs and give a power-puff slogan “GetSetGo”. Unfortunately , we miss our footsteps which are itself there in present . The one which are there with us today. Life has become like a music app. You download the app. Choose your favourite category. Set the volume. Add queue. Play. Repeat. Stop. Why to complicate this beautiful journey with so-called app. You can download it (choose your path) , You can select category (choose your field) , But don’t favouritise, Don’t add songs to queue (don’t add things for future) You never know what next song can bring.

Stay in present. Enjoy every beat. Let music be your best bud ; on simple terms – LET LIFE BE YOUR BEST BUD 🙂 – ANUSHREE KALLA 


yes you confused soul. you are important than u think. you are creator. you are desire. don’t miss that dope and don’t blink. you might feel hopeless at times. you might re-thinks your deed. make your hair do ; have a coffee. A bollywood is all you need. You corrected your move and tried your game.Sometimes you fail and sometimes miserably fail. Though winning seems difficult but don’t forget ” Haar k jeetne vale ko baazigar kehte hai ” See in mirror and use your tool. You are enough. You are powerful.